Creating a Payment System That Supports High Quality, Affordable Health Care

The Center for Healthcare Quality and Payment Reform (CHQPR) is a national policy center focused on designing and implementing payment systems that support affordable, patient-centered health care.

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Payment Reform for Health Care

Barriers to Affordable, High-Quality Care

The payment systems and benefit designs currently used by Medicare and health insurance plans make it difficult or impossible for healthcare providers to deliver high-quality, affordable care to patients.

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Why Value-Based Payment Isn't Working

Current “value-based payment” systems fail to fix the problems with fee-for-service payment. They can make healthcare less affordable and accessible for patients, force small providers to close, and exacerbate disparities in care.

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Creating Successful Alternative Payment Models

Alternative Payment Models (APMs) can be designed to improve patient care and provide adequate payments for small healthcare providers while controlling total healthcare spending.

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Patient-Centered Payment


Patient-Centered Payment would ensure that every patient receives appropriate, evidence-based care for their health problems, and that healthcare providers receive adequate resources to support the cost of delivering services in a high-quality, efficient manner.

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Primary Care

Primary care is an essential part of a high-value healthcare system. Patient-Centered Payment would enable primary care practices to deliver high-quality preventive care, acute care, and chronic disease care to all patients, including those with complex needs.

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Specialty Care

Many patients have health problems that require specialized expertise to diagnose or treat. Patient-Centered Payment would ensure these patients can receive appropriate, high-quality services from specialists through a team-based approach to care.

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Rural Hospitals

Over 40% of the rural hospitals in the U.S. are at risk of closing due to inadequate payments from health insurance plans. Patient-Centered Payment is needed to ensure that residents of rural communities have access to essential healthcare services.

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